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High Priestess Jesamyn Angelica Do you long to live a more magickal life? A luscious and yummy life filled with abundance, prosperity, love, joy, and fun? A life filled with deep, cosmic connection and significance?

Welcome to Magick & Empowerment!
This is your portal to Sacred Adventure!

Magick & Empowerment is a modern-day Mystery School offering courses and community devoted to self-empowerment, supporting and guiding you as you discover and own your unique magick and sovereign power-within.

Look deep! Have you the courage to explore? Now is the time to dive into your own depths, and journey to your true Self. Let's adventure together!

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High Priestess Jesamyn Angelica's online Women's Mystery School of Magick and Empowerment is powerful learning and precisely what my soul needs in these times of disconnectedness. The monthly assignments facilitate self-actualization, learning about ritual, Goddess, elements and so much more, discussions, support from HP Lady Jesamyn, and support from online Sister Queens also on the Magick and Empowerment journey. –L.R.


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