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I felt touched and amazed by the respectful, profound teachings and the vulnerability of the members applying them to their lives. It was amazing and healing.  Thank you, Lady Jesamyn, for all you taught us.  I came away feeling more fully myself, more whole, less uncertain about who I am and where I am going. Wonderfully elevating magic! ~Dora

Current Offerings

The Women's Mystery School of Magick and Empowerment
Spiraling Our Way to Sovereignty and Personal Power
"Women on a Journey to Ourselves"TM

An Experiential Training Program and Online Support Circle Presented by Sisterhood of the Moon

Is Goddess calling you to dig deeper into Her Mysteries? Do you wish to become part of an unbroken lineage of magick and sisterhood?

Discover and embrace your own unique, innate magick through the wisdom of the Goddess Arts! Learn how to create potent ritual, holding transformational space for yourself and others. Delve into the weave between self-love, self-care, and personal power-within. Develop a daily practice that centers, grounds, and supports you in all of your endeavors, aligning your life and magick with the flow of the seasons and cycles. Explore your natal chart, spellwork, divination, green witchery, creative visualization, prosperity consciousness, and more. This program is specifically designed to help you reveal and birth forth your true, authentic Self.

We offer you guidance, support, and sisterhood during this 13 Moon program and, once successfully completed, you may choose to be recognized with a Witch Initiation into the Sisterhood of the Moon lineage. Wherever you live, you can now embark on this sacred journey, previously offered only in person. Here we honor each woman's unique contribution to life, each woman's individual gifts and perspective. Find the Goddess within yourself and learn to love Her fiercely! Blessed be!

Are you ready to join us? Please click here for more information and instructions on how to sign up.

Payment Options

…I have found that the materials in the "Women on a Journey to Ourselves" program are rich in information that I've never found anywhere else. My studies here have facilitated a spiritual evolution and rebirth for which I could never express my gratitude. –R.A.

Witchery Immersion Intensive
Join us in Sisterhood for a magickal, witchy day spent together in sacred space!

Saturday, May 26th—Waxing Gibbous Moon in Scorpio
Class starts promptly 10 a.m. and ends at 6 p.m.
Our day together includes a potluck lunch break

Tribute/Exchange: Sliding scale, based on income level, $350-$225; this includes your $25 supply fee. Short- and long-term payment plans are available; please do not ever allow money to keep you from joining us. Some low-income partial scholarships are available to those who qualify.

When women come together to learn, practice magick, and perform ritual, we change ourselves…and the world. In this potent, powerful, experiential full-day Retreat, we will immerse ourselves in the power of spellcraft, ritual, and our primal woman’s gift—Witchcraft. This is a fully integrative, hands-on experience centered on tapping into our innate inner wisdom—body, mind, and Spirit—held with the holy intention of embarking together upon a sacred spiritual journey of organic, dynamic, and far-reaching personal growth. If you have been feeling stuck in any aspect of your life, here is an excellent opportunity to find the movement you’ve been seeking!

Hand-in-hand in partnership with our online Women’s Mystery School of Magick and Empowerment, our in-person Witchery Immersion Intensives are designed to assist women into swiftly leveling up their own magick, sovereignty, self-knowledge, and personal empowerment. Each Intensive covers a variety of topics based upon the lunar and solar cycles, and we weave the myriad threads of our learning into a solid base for positive and lasting change.

Our intentionally small classes foster connection, healing, and deep exploration. Each Intensive is open to all women, stands on its own, can be taken as a single class, and you need not be a member of our online Mystery School or Sisterhood of the Moon community to participate.

No refunds once your space is paid for and confirmed. This class is worth 2 Accomplishment Awards towards your Sisterhood of the Moon Tradition Witch Initiation.

Sliding Scale Tribute
Please save the date for our
Annual Manifesting Prosperity and Abundance Workshop
on Tuesday evening, November 13th.
More information forthcoming!
Please check back closer to the class date for more information and to sign up.

Oracular Tarot and Psychic Counseling

In an Oracular session, I stand in the liminal zones between Cosmic and Earth energies, opening myself as a channel to bring forth the knowledge and wisdom that can help you to transform your life. I hold the intention of receiving information that guides you towards clarity on a specific topic and/or answers your particular question(s), whilst also providing an overview of what is truly going on below the surface. These intuitive sessions can provide illumination, insight, and confirmation for you as you walk your unique Path.

Done in sacred space, I work together in conjunction with the Spirit Guides, Benevolent Ancestors, and/or Goddesses who wish to be present for you. These channeled, oracular readings can help map the most beneficial course for you to discover and actualize your life mission, reaching your highest goals. Tarot, oracle cards, and other divinatory tools are used to help focus, refine, and enhance the intuitive and Spirit wisdom received.

For the highest good of all involved, my goal for each Reading is to hold exquisite space for you to step into your sovereign power-within with absolute authority, authenticity, and certainty, providing spiritual guidance and support as you fully own the responsibility that comes with this commitment. An Oracular session can help you to release and clear long- and short-term blockages, accessing the new information needed for you to make your best, most empowered decisions.

Wherever you are on your spiritual—and life—Journey, you can confidently depend on me as a Sacred Guide, speaking Truth to you with honesty, compassion, and integrity, no matter your situation. It is my intention that you leave our time together feeling more secure, refreshed, and hopeful; optimistic, strengthened, and empowered; and with an idea of a practical and grounded best next step to take.

These Readings are for serious spiritual seekers as well as those who simply desire greater clarity on their Paths, or are in need of deeper insight, support, or a fresh perspective on any topic or situation.

I felt touched and amazed by the respectful, profound teachings and the vulnerability of the members applying them to their lives. It was amazing and healing.  Thank you, Lady Jesamyn, for all you taught us.  I came away feeling more fully myself, more whole, less uncertain about who I am and where I am going. Wonderfully elevating magic! –D.C.

Priest/ess/x Mentoring

For those who desire an individual coach and Sacred Guide in the Priest/ess/x Arts, Lady Jesamyn offers one-on-one Priest/ess/x Mentoring. These mentorships are geared towards those who are already clergy and are leading communities, or are planning to lead communities, and desire an adviser, guide, facilitator, sounding board, and/or further education. If you are currently serving as a Priest/ess/x, wish to serve, or are in Priest/ess/x training (in any Tradition), she can help you to achieve your spiritual and leadership goals. Priest/ess/x Mentoring includes specially designed, focused sessions geared towards honing your particular skills and manifesting your unique, personal success. Mentoring sessions may be conducted via email, Google Hangouts, Skype, or in-person. This program does not result in Priest/ess/x Ordination; Initiation and Ordination tracks are currently offered in person only.

One-on-One Consultations

In this moment, what will bring you into greater wholeness? Lady Jesamyn holds space for you in private, confidential one-on-one consultations, mentoring, or coaching sessions, facilitating your creation of the life you deeply yearn for. Offerings include divination and oracular work, psychic readings, manifestation and other magick, healings (including energy/aura cleansing, guided pathworking, and more), magickal training, Holistic Health (including Herbal and Flower Essence) programs, and more.  Consultations may be conducted via email, Skype, or in-person.

For more information and to schedule your introductory session,
please write directly to Lady Jesamyn Angelica.

Rites of Passage and Priestess Services

In addition to the above, Lady Jesamyn is also available for personal and private trainings in sacred Goddess Art, Craft, Ritual, and more; house and business cleansings and blessings; and sacred ceremony and holy Rites of Passage such as weddings, birthing blessings, bride blessings, naming ceremonies, sacred separation rites and unbindings, last rites, memorial services, and more.

Please contact her directly with your questions, needs, and to schedule services.


*Tribute/Exchange, Policies, and Disclaimers*
All sessions (Mentoring, Readings, Consultations, Priestess Services, etc.) are offered on a sliding scale: Tribute/Exchange is $100+-$80 per hour.  Mentoring, Readings, and Consultations are hour-long sessions; Rites of Passage and other Priestess Services are customarily longer.  To schedule your appointment, please write directly to Lady Jesamyn Angelica.  Mentoring and other Consultations are done in-person or via GoogleHangouts or Skype.  In addition to these options, Oracular Readings may be sent via email, if preferred.

Your sessions are always completely private and confidential to the fullest extent allowed by law.

All Readings and Consultations are, by nature, subjective.  As a Sovereign Being with free will, all predictions and suggestions can change based on your (and others’) actions, non-actions, and Will.  Readings are offered for your entertainment.  Always use your best judgement and intuition around the messages received.

For all Mentoring, Readings, and Consultations, payment must be made in advance; if you cancel the day of your appointment, you are still responsible for your full Tribute/Exchange. We do not offer any refunds but understand that life happens and are often willing to reschedule.   Your Reading or Consultation is scheduled at the sole discretion of the Priestess; we reserve the right to refuse your appointment and refund your Tribute if we feel we are not able to properly serve you.

Thank you in advance for your support, respect, and understanding!

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